Walking Football

Our Walking Football sessions form part of our Health and Wellbeing sessions and are FREE to attend, this is thanks to our funding partners the National Lottery Community Fund and Bolton Fund.

I haven’t played in years, will i be good enough?

Whether you play regularly or haven’t played since you were younger it doesn’t really matter if your Messi or ‘Messy’!  All our sessions are laidback with ZERO pressure with a range of abilities.  Our qualified coaches also provide tips and advice on how to improve.

Do I need football boots?

We do advise to wear football boots or at least footwear with some good grip to them, this is especially prevalent during the winter months when the surface could get a bit slippy.

What surface do you play on?

We play on or around our football pitch – so on grass!

Is it just for men?

Of course not – these sessions are for both men and women.

I’m concerned it’ll be VERY competitive, is it?

Nope, not at all.  These sessions are very laidback, there’s no pressure and held in the right spirit.

I want to sign-up or have other questions?

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